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This is the first time Orkney College have tried an on-line virtual exhibition and it is quite a learning curve! Orkney College UHI is leading the way with this exciting new approach to exhibiting our work. It really takes Orkney out into the world.

Author: Vicki Redpath-Watson

Vicki is enjoying her return to the study of art after work, politics and life took her in a different direction. Her interest in politics and travel is evident in her Cuban photographs and the collograph: “Greetings from Hebron”. She is also interested in texture, light and shade and enjoys exploring these themes in both figurative and more abstract pieces. Born in Essex, Vicki has moved up the east coast spending time in Hull and Edinburgh before moving to Orkney. This journey has inspired a series of paintings for her personal project as part of the NC in Art and Design. Vicki is starting a BA Hons in Fine Art at Orkney College UHI in September 2018.

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